Wheatley Tennis Club

Wheatley Tennis Club (the club) is an un-incorporated association formed of members and organised by a committee. Enquiries about data protection should be directed to the committee.

The club is committed to protecting the personal information of anyone who it holds data on inline with all statutory requirements.

This privacy notice sets our how and why we use your personal information.

Membership Records

Wheatley Tennis Club maintains records of members necessary for the running of the club. These records include personal and contact details of members and former members. Details of former members are only retained where they are needed to maintain accurate financial records, to protect the club from legal action, where required by law, or as part of historical records.

Historical Records

The club may maintain historical records, where it is in the public interest to do so. Such records include details of previous competitions. Only information that is required will be retained for historical records.

Records of Non-Members

The club may collect personal information from people who are non-members to allow them to participate in activities or events organised by the club. Information on non-members will only be used for the purpose it was collected and will receive the same protections as membership records.

Minutes and Records of Meeting

The governance of the club requires records of meetings and decisions taken by the club. These records may include limited personal information where people are identified in these records.


Members of Wheatley Tennis Club may enter competitions. Where these competitions are organised by third parties, limited details of those involved in the competition will be shared with the organisers. Contact details of members will be shared with organisers solely to facilitate the organisation of these competitions.

Where details of members are shared with third parties, the third party will be responsible for protecting their data to the same standard as the club. When this information is no longer needed by the third party, they will be required to securely destroy it.

Organisers of competitions may share details of non-members with the club. These details will receive the same protection as if they were members.

Next of Kin

Members may nominate a next of kin to be contacted in an emergency. The member is responsible for notifying their next of kin that their personal information will be shared with the club. The information on the next of kin shall only be used in an emergency, where there is a legal requirement to do so, or where it is reasonably believed that this action is necessary to protect a person’s vital interests (who may not be the next of kin or the member who provided their details).

A person who has been identified as the next of kin of a member may ask the club to confirm, correct or remove their details.


The club will neither use the any details you provide for marketing purposes, nor pass them on to third parties for marketing purposes.

Sensitive Data

The club does not routinely collect or record sensitive data (such as ethnicity, disability or medical) on members. Sensitive data may occasionally be captured where necessary for legal reasons, or to protect against legal action.


Wheatley Tennis Club operates a website. To protect the security and effective performance of the website, limited details of visitors to the website are recorded.

Where technically possible, the website is served over a secure encrypted connection. Personal information is always transmitted over a secure encrypted connection.


Cookies are small text files which can be saved on your computer when you visit a website. They are sent back to the website when you visit it in the future. If this cookie contains information which is unique to a person, it can enable the website to identify that person.

The club uses cookies on the website

  • To analyse the use of the site to allow improvements. This analysis does not identify individuals but does allow an individual computer to be identified. The club uses Google Analytics as part of this analysis, which allows Google to record that you have visited the website.
  • To record if the privacy notice has been seen, to enable it to be hidden on future visits. This cookie contains only the version of the privacy notice which has been seen.
  • To record that a user has logged in, so that they may see content that they have been granted access to.

Cookies which are set by the website may be removed using the tools available in your web browser.

There are alternative technologies which can be used to provide similar functionality to cookies, but which are typically harder for the user of a website to control. The club does not make use of these technologies to identify users of the website.

Social Media

Members of the public may connect with the club through social media. Some social media networks may share information about people who connect with the club through social media. The club will only use this information in ways are consistent of the terms and conditions of the social media network.

Lawn Tennis Association

The club is affiliated with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA). The club will share your personal information with the LTA to enable them to provide you with services as a member. The personal information held by the LTA is governed by their own privacy notice.

Third Parties

The club may use third parties to process data on its behalf. Where data is processed by third parties it will receive the same protections offered to data processed directly by the club.


Personal information on children under the age of 13 will only be collected from the parent of guardian of the child. Children who are 13 or over have the same rights as adults to decide how their data is used, but this data may have been provided by a parent or guardian, rather than directly by the child.

How to find us

Wheatley Tennis Club is situated on the Playing Fields, North Wheatley.

Our village is on the A620, midway between Retford and Gainsborough. To find our Club you enter the village, passing the Sun Inn, heading towards South Wheatley and Sturton-le Steeple. As you pass the local Primary School you enter South Wheatley where you will see the Playing Fields on the left, opposite the local shop. We have ample shared parking at the Village Hall.

Find us on Google Maps